Lower Stomach Tattoos For Women

Lower Stomach Tattoos for Women and Girls in Trend.Lower stomach is a promising position to get a tattoo as it provides a widened space for different tattoo designs. However, lower stomach tattoos can vary from small to large as per the design.The lower stomach tattoos are generally combined with side tattoos for an appealing impact. The tattoos express the feelings or personality of a woman more than words and thus, women choose to get beautiful tattoos on their stomach.

If you have a toned and chiseled stomach and want to flaunt your love for the tattoo body art,there are some extraordinary tattoo designs worth considering.Flower veil tattoos are highly common among women because these tattoos reflect feminine,grace elegance and beauty.The veil tattoos start from the side,cover the lower stomach and ends on the other side giving your waist a sharp and artistic look.The other common full coverage lower waist tattoos are rose tattoos,wing tattoos,dragon and snake tattoos,long quoted tattoo, etc.

If you are not willing to go for a long and full coverage tattoo,you can explore some exquisite and tiny tattoo designs for lower stomach.These tattoos look elegant,charming and gracious.Some of the best examples of small lower stomach tattoos are a feather tattoo,lotus flower tattoo,rose tattoo,butterfly tattoo,bird tattoo,a fairy tattoo etc.

Women also love to wear a small and third watercolor tattoos on their lower stomach. These tattoo designs simply look gorgeous and especially if you are the one who loves to rock the crop tops and low waist bottoms,these tattoos are perfect for you.

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