Cowgirl Position

Play with her clit. Let her control the rhythm, and use a finger or two to stimulate her clit. Oftentimes, the rhythm of her movement means you don’t actually have to move   

your finger, just hold it over her clit, and let her grind her way to orgasm.
 Lift your hips. As she is on top, put your feet flat on the floor/bed with your knees bent, and lift your hips up. This will push you in deeper, increasing stimulation for both of you.
 Hold her down. This works especially well when you have your hips lifted. Grab her waist or her hips, and pull her down so you are thrusting deeper into her. This feels good and also allows her to move quicker/more aggressively without risking you slipping out.
 Sit up. This will offer a number of benefits. When you are sitting up, you will be deeper inside her, and you are now face to face, so you can kiss or otherwise caress each other’s neck, ears, and chest. It also opens up more positions for her. When you’re sitting up face to face, it’s easy to get into one rhythm together and share the workload, so to speak.
 Angle your pelvis back. Roll your pelvis backwards as though you are thrusting towards her belly button, and you will stimulate her G-spot. This is one of the main benefits of lifting your hips slightly.
 Play with her nipples. The nipples are an oft-neglected erogenous zone once foreplay is over. While she is on top, you have great access to play with them and increase her pleasure as you turn yourself on even more by caressing or kissing her breasts.
 Pull her in close. You can kiss her, nibble her neck, or just hold her close to you as you take over control of the rhythm. If she’s kinky, you can pull her down by her hair and control her head to alternate between kissing, kissing her neck, and just holding her close.
 Stop and hold her down when she comes. Many girls will involuntarily convulse when they come and end up collapsing while letting you slip out of her. From this position, you can grab her waist or hips and hold her down, so you are deep inside her when she comes. This will feel great for both of you. 
8 things girls can do to make the cowgirl position better
Ladies, you’re in control of this position, so make the best of your upper hand!
 Control the pace. For girls whose partners tend to finish too soon, this position is perfect for you to control the pace and rhythm, to tease him a little bit and really focus on stimulating yourself.
 Gyrate. You can move in every direction, so don’t limit yourself to forwards/backwards and up/down movements. Gyrating in a circular motion feels best for both of you, since you can control the different areas his penis stimulates within you. Build a steady rhythm, and you can control your movement to maximize pleasure.
 Tilt your pelvis. Following on from gyrating, movements do not have to be large. Often a smaller, subtle gyrating of the pelvis is more effective than big movements of the whole body. By angling your pelvis backwards, you can move him around inside you and stimulate your G-spot as you give him a great view.
 Play with yourself. Men find it extremely sexy when you bite your lip, play with your nipples, or play with your clit. Give him a show to watch. Legs straight. Have him sit up and keep both his legs out straight while you do the same, and hold each other close. This is a great position to get him deep inside you and to build a great rhythm together.
 Lean back. From the position where you’re face to face, put your arms around his neck, and lean back. This position changes the angle of his thrusts to stimulate your G-spot. 
 Squat. Instead of straddling his hips with your thighs, squat with your feet on either side of his hips. This lets you have better control of your up and down motions, and it also allows you to free up your hips for easier movement. You can grab the headboard or have him sit up as you use his neck to get leverage and not tire yourself out.
 Kiss. The typical consensus is that guys just want to get straight to it and don’t value foreplay and kissing, but when you are riding him, bending over to make out can definitely be a turn on for guys. It also gives him active involvement in what might otherwise be a passive position. 
3 things you both can do to make the girl on top position better
There’s no need to rely on just one or the other! Teamwork is the key to turning this seemingly bland position into one of your favorites.
 Find the right motion together. You need to work together to find a good rhythm that works for both of you. Getting the timing right will make the experience even more orgasmic. It’s probably easiest to start slow and get into a rhythm together, then increase the pace as you desire.
One of you should lead while the other follows. If you both try and lead, you will end up sloppily falling out of rhythm all the time. This is when you should be communicating just how fast or slow you want to go.
 Passive or active? This is a position where either one or both of you can be active. The guy can just lay back and let the girl ride him. The girl can let the guy create the movement and just go along for the ride. But if you both want to be in control, just get the rhythm down, and take turns in adding the little movements to make the experience better for both of you. 
 Alternate the workload. Whoever is leading will get tired after a certain amount of time, and this position is one that lends itself very easily to sharing the workload, as both can be active at any given time.
Whereas in many other positions, to change who is doing the work would require changing positions altogether, the girl on top position allows you to build more momentum and keep things going for longer without interruption.

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