Sleeve Tattoos for Women

When it comes to the world of tattoos, one of the most common areas in the body where both men and women get tattooed is in their arms. Nowadays, it is no longer uncommon to see women with sleeve tattoos especially with how vibrant, artistic, and colorful tattoos have become. Since small tattoo pieces are already not uncommon to see in a lot of people, individuals have opted to go for bigger tattoo pieces that are more noticeable.
Depending on the length of the arm that is inked, sleeve tattoos for women and men can be categorized as either full sleeve, half sleeve, or quarter sleeve. Having the right tattoo design can make a woman feel better about herself, especially if she can relate herself with her tattoo design.

Rise in Popularity of Sleeve Tattoos for Women
Women know that getting a tattoo means a serious commitment since you will have something printed on your body all throughout your life. For this reason, careful decision making should be done when choosing the tattoo design that you would want, especially if you are aiming to have a bigger area in your body covered with tattoos.
Unlike in the past where people simply get small tattoos in places which can be easily hidden, getting a tattoo today is a way of saying something about yourself. This means that sleeve tattoos for women are carefully thought of and something that women want to really show to others.
More and more women have been getting sleeve tattoos because they see this as a way where they can further express themselves. While clothes can be changed easily, tattoos are there forever to remind women what they see in themselves, or even how they want to be. Tattoos, in a way, help women show who they are more than the clothes that they are wearing, making them even more confident each day.

What Each Sleeve Tattoo Means
Sleeve tattoos, much like any other tattoo, have different meaning for every individual. Most of the time, people choose their tattoos based on what they perceive as beautiful, what they believe in, or how they portray themselves.
Generally, there is no single meaning behind tattoos since it can mean different for anyone. A woman can get a beautiful rose sleeve tattoo to show beauty while another can see this as a symbol of being strong despite all the “thorns” in her life.
However, there are some tattoos that can have the same meaning for most individuals like the following:

Butterflies: Having a butterfly tattoo often sends the meaning of beauty, change, and being reborn.
Sun: Having a sun tattoo can often mean life, new beginnings, and fertility given how the sunrise brings another day.
Feathers: Whether tattooed in black or various colors, feathers have become very popular and can often signify both birth and death.
Roses: Rose tattoos have been around for a long time and symbolize love, strength, and beauty.
Dragons: While intimidating for some, dragon tattoos can say a lot about an individual’s personality, showing strength, imagination, hope, and creativity.

Tribal: There are different tribal tattoos all over the world which can have various meanings including, love, peace, strength, happiness, or even a person that is important to you. Given these, tattoos for women, whether they are placed in the whole length of the arm or someplace else, are a way of expressing herself. Each tattoo can bear different meanings and only the person wearing it can truly say what her tattoo means for her.

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