Sexy Lower Back Tattoos

Devil and angel cats: This piece takes your love of cats to the extreme! We all feel sometimes that there is a duality in us, an angel and a devil, fighting to see who comes out on top.
The garden: A beautiful scene here across the entire of the back showing trees in fall. A bold tattoo that’s not for the faint of heart! 
Just a pattern: This pattern draws attention to the lower back and points down. The symmetry is often a factor in lower back tattoos.
The pheonix: This stylized pheonix if done in the twisted gothic looking style that was very popular about 15 years ago – it’s aged well.
The love heart script: A fresh tattoo that centers around a love heart in the middle. This one is not as clean as we would like to see from a tattoo.
Bold tribal: Tribal tattoos will always be popular due to their fierceness and boldness. This lower back tribal tatt is no exception.
Morphing butterfly: This girl has obviously added to her tattoo collection across the years, with what started of as a simple butterfly at the base of her spine.
Indian designs: This pretty back piece looks pretty amazing! It focuses on intricate, Indian design and is complemmented by the two bold wheels at the bottom.
The corset: The corset tattoo is popular in certain circles and is often accompanied by either lace up stocking tops, or a garter.
Love script: More scripting work centered around a love heart in the middle.This one’s love heart looks slightly tilted – not a good job.
Swirling universe: A great example of a freestyling tattoo that is both artistic and cool. It doesn’t look like this is supposed to be anything in particular.
The bird: This is more of a mid back tattoo than a lower back, but the eagle is extending his claws down to the bottom. Huge!
Bursting star: This bursting star looks like it came straight from out of a video game! We really like the cartoon styling used here.
Lower back script: Another plain script looking example of lower back tattoos. You can get these ones in a dizzying array of styles, just ask your tattooist.
A tree: Trees have become a very popular tattoo over the years, and this on is particularly spooky with it’s craggy branches.
Aztec mess: The two different tattoos here don’t really go together in terms of styling. Perhaps she needs a refresh on the bottom one too.
The butterfly tiger: A unique take on the lower back butterfly tattoo, this one is huge and has a lion popping out of it – pretty neat!
Henna inspired: This beautiful back tattoo is inspired by the temporary tattooing of henna work. This would’ve taken a lot of time!
Red stars: This tattoo varies from the traditional script styling and adds in an array of bright red stars and flowers to give a different effect.
A new tiger: This fresh piece adds to this girls lower back tattoos, in the style of the Japansese tiger. It looks expertly done.
Scripting butterfly: The lower back butterfly is combined with the script style for this two in one style tattoo. This one looks freshly done.
Lower back plus spine: It can be a cool idea to do what this chick has done and combine horizontal lower back tattoos with a vertical part up the spine, too.
A collection of flowers: Flowers will never go out of style when it comes to tattoos. Always wanted to have a garden on you? Try something like this.
Double pistol: Go for punch with a double pistol design on your lower back. If you’re a bit of a bad girl, this one’s for you.
Single flower: Unlike the majority of tattoos we see here, this one contains just a single flower design in the center, with no horizontal detailing.
The saying: The lower back also makes a great place for inking that saying that you just love and describes you exactly.
No regrets: The old “no regrets” tattoo, this time makes an appearance on the lower back, combined with a barbed wire effect.
Single bow: Bows make very pretty tattoos where ever you choose to put them. We like this lower back placement for something different.
On the side: You don’t always have to do what everyone else is doing! This example of lower back tattoos is on the side instead of in the middle for a more interesting effect.
Flowers: We really like the style in which this flowers on a branch tattoo has been done with the surrounding ink work.
The warrior: This Roman style tattoo is expertly done. There is so much detail that has been inked with the most steady hand!
????: We aren’t quite sure what this design is, but it looks cool anyway! Maybe a tree, some flowers, and…? What do you see?
Lower back saying: Another great example of a meaningful saying placed on the lower back. Another popular spot for these type of tatts is the ribs.
Plus piercings: We really like the combo here of the brilliant large bow tattoo and the matching dermal piercings. Why not have both?
Shaded script: The shading on this tattoo is just divine. If you’re thinking about all black ink, then you might like to think again.
Roses: This set of stylized roses is an interesting combination of different styles of tattooing. While we’re not sure if it works, kudos for giving it a go.
The pinup: Love pinup tattoos? Why not get one on your lower back? This one has been done by a master tattooist, look at that detail!
Curling around the front: You might like to have a think about whether you’d also like to have your lower back tattoos curl around to the front, like we see here.
Roses and lace: We simply love, love, love the lace work here. This tattoo would’ve taken a really long time to do! What started out as a simple love heart has been made into something much more awesome.

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