How To Kiss A Girl On The Lips

One of the first steps in any young man's development is knowing how to kiss a girl on the lips. Whatever the case, don't wait too long to kiss this girl on the lips. A sloppy, awkward kiss is way better than an awkward pause and no kiss. You can laugh and apologize for a weird kiss, but weird silences are much harder to fix. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you kiss this girl on the lips in a way that is not awkward or sloppy.
Breath Check: If you can, eat a mint or brush your teeth, or at least don't eat anything gross before you kiss this girl on the lips. This isn't so much for her sake as it is for yours. Having a clean, minty mouth will subconsciously make you more confident.
Conversation Check: How are you two talking? Is her voice getting lower and more playful? Are you closer than you were a few seconds before? All of these are good signs. If you haven't yet, put your arm around her neck and see how she reacts. A good way to initiate this is to give her a goofy hug or something, but keep the arm there afterwards—very lightly.
Face Check: This is one of the most important steps. Girls will constantly look up at you or look at your face if they want to kiss you.
Lip Check: Make sure your lips are wet, but not dripping. Watch it, though—girls will know what you're up to when you get to this step.
Eye Check: When you make eye contact next, go for it. If she's too shy to make eye contact with you, gently tip her chin up towards you and go for it. You've seen that romantic gesture in movies, now you should do it yourself to kiss this girl on the lips.
Go For It: If you have these signs, you can't stall. Don't wait around because it's more comfortable. You want to kiss this girl on the lips, not talk your way into oblivion. The worst thing you can do is think about it. To kiss her, pucker your lips slightly and press them against hers. You can practice this motion on the back of your hand. Don't push into her mouth with your lips, just brush her lips with yours and pucker them against hers.   
Go For the Repeat: The first kiss should be little more than a peck. You want to see how she reacts. If you pull away and she keeps looking at you, go back for a longer kiss. It's always better to test the waters than to go to far.Congratulations! You've kissed a girl on the lips. It may take time to adjust to each other's styles. Always be conscious of how much pressure you're applying. Too little is better than too much, because if she wants to kiss harder, she will take that initiative. Good luck with the next steps.

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