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Leggings used to be frequently thought of as sloppy a lazy way out of putting effort into how you look. Well, the times have changed: now we can wear leggings as pants. Leggings for women are now a fashion staple piece in any modern wardrobe. They’re no longer restrained to just gym clothing. Celebrities wear leggings on the red carpet and it doesn’t look out of place. There are yoga pants and even leggings specifically designed to be worn to work. Leggings can be trendy, comfortable, flattering, and arguably the most versatile pieces of clothing - if you choose the right ones. That said, shopping for leggings online can be really, really tough. Not only is it difficult to guess the sizing differences from store to store, but what’s the difference between all the legging fabrics? Leggings are available in a variety of fabrics and the most common reason you might be dissatisfied with your clothing has to do with it being made of the blend that doesn’t work for your style. Leggings keep falling down? The fabric may not be elastic enough. Leggings keep ripping? The fabric might not be durable. Don’t worry we’ve got the basics covered to get you started in your journey. 
Cotton Leggings
The great thing about cotton leggings is that cotton is very soft. It’s also a very breathable fabric (you won’t feel too stuffy), strong, and generally very comfortable to wear. The drawbacks to cotton are twofold: The first problem with cotton leggings is that cotton doesn’t hold up well to stretching. Although it’s strong, over time it can lose shape. By adding stretch fibers into the cotton like spandex, cotton can hold its stretch better over time, making it suitable for the gym, and way more comfortable for daily wear. The second problem with cotton leggings is that if you tend to sweat a lot, cotton leggings usually don’t breathe well. This is because cotton is pretty hydrophilic -- meaning it hold up to 25 times its weight in water. Cotton is breathable, but not when it’s wet. So, if you’re shopping for cotton leggings it would be a good idea to find a pair that are mixed in with a stretch fiber like spandex, and are blended with a sweat-wicking fabric (like polyester, or grab a dark colored fabric so sweat doesn’t show).
Polyester Leggings
Polyester is a hydrophobic fabric that makes it water resistant and sweat-wicking, making it a very popular choice for activewear leggings fabric. However, it has a tendency to harbor smells pretty easily -- so we’d recommend looking for a pair of leggings that’s described as a polyester blend, or that have an antimicrobial treatment. 
Wool Leggings
If you’re living somewhere that’s perpetually cold, wool leggings would be absolutely ideal for you. They keep pockets of air trapped, holding in warmth. There are also wool knit leggings available, but they can be pricey. 
Spandex Leggings
You’ll find almost every pair of activewear leggings with at least a percentage of spandex (also known as Lycra leggings, or elastane leggings). That’s because spandex is known for being stretchy, hugging the body to give a great flattering fit. Keyword is percentage, though, because it wouldn’t be very comfortable completely on its own. It would feel sticky and not very breathable. Like being hugged by an extremely affectionate rubber band. 
Nylon Leggings
That brings us to the ever popular Nylon fabric! Nylon has many advantages as a legging fabric blend - it’s exceptionally durable, lightweight, it doesn’t wrinkle easily, and it’s easy to care for. That said, it has a tendency to shrink sometimes, which means it’s important to look at the specific wash and dry care instructions on the pair of leggings you’re interested in. 
Nylon-Spandex Leggings
So, the encore! The beautiful blend of durable, lightweight nylon and stretchy, flattering spandex makes these leggings the best of both worlds. They feel just as soft and cozy as cotton for casual wear while also wicking away sweat for working out. This legging fabric blend is a hybrid for both performance and style. Nylon-spandex leggings are the way to go.Augusta Leggings are made with this ideal and extremely flattering fabric blend. They’re also high waisted and completely squat-proof, great for whether you’re doing squats at the gym, cycling to work, on a shopping spree, or lounging on the couch. So go ahead wear leggings everyday.

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