Breast Implant Size For Breast Augmentation

One of the most important decisions you will make when considering breast augmentation is choosing the proper breast implant size. Implant selection is extremely important considering that the most common need for additional surgery is just to change a woman's breast implant size alone. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure therefore, has risks and costs that should be kept to a minimum. This becomes even more important as the increase in popularity of the silicone gel implant. Often with saline implants, volume can be added which may spare the additional costs of the implants. Silicone implants however, must be replaced if you want to be bigger or smaller which will add to your expense. Secondary procedures may add an increase in risk of infection, capsular contraction, and other implant related complications such as implant rupture. Your plastic surgeon can help you select the proper implant using various techniques. 
Your desired bra size is a good starting point when discussing implant sizes for breast augmentation with you plastic surgeon. Bra size is a good indication but your perception of your present breast size and desired bra size maybe different than others. Choosing your new breast size based on a bra size is often unreliable and unrealistic. Bra manufactures are in the business to sell bras, not to tell you what size you are. Most Plastic Surgeons, however, will use your bra size as a guide. 
Photographs of what you want to look can be helpful for you doctor. If possible, both frontal and side profile views of people of similar body shape can give your plastic surgeon a better idea of you desired size. You should also bring pictures that you feel are too big or too small for comparison. 
Looking at the before and after pictures of breast augmentation of your plastic surgeon is another great resource. You and your surgeon may have a better understanding of your desired size. This also gives you a chance to review their work. 
Another simple method is the rice in a pantyhose technique. In this method, certain amount of rice is inserted into pantyhose and then stuffed into your bra. When the desired volume is achieved, the rice is poured out and measured in a measuring cup. One cup of rice is equal to about 250 cc. This process in not exact but can give you a general idea. 
One of the best methods of determining your desired breast size is using breast sizers during your consultations. Usually, a silicone or a saline breast implant of various sizes and profiles are tried on under a sports bra to determine your personal goals. Viewing them in with various clothes can give you a better idea of your final size. 
Your plastic surgeon will consider many factors in determining the proper implant selection for breast augmentation. Some these factors are your current breast shape, size, width and skin elasticity. Your current height and weight as well as chest wall contour are also important. The goal of your plastic surgeon is to provide you with the size and shape you desire. As far as bra sizes, go for the look you want and than find a pretty bra that fits well. Do not get too overly concerned about what bra "letter" you maybe. You will be that much happier with the new you.

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