Benefits Of Jasmine Flowers To Increase Sexual Desire

Jasmine (Jasminum sambac) is famous for its flowers smell fragrant. A jasmine flower plant ornamental shrubs such as chronic trunked upright living. During this time, people familiar with jasmine flowers was limited to ornamental plants, cosmetics, and perfume mixture or tea makers. Jasmine has many benefits and has been used for various purposes since ancient times. It smells as fragrant jasmine flower made compulsory for celebration and certain rituals. From the smell customs, religion, to mystical.Efficacy of jasmine flowers as drug compounds could not be separated from the content in it. Jasmine also has a number of important chemical compounds, such as indole, linalcohol, Benzilic acetate, alcohol Benzilic, and Jasmon, which if utilized can offer many health benefits. Parts used for the treatment are the leaves, roots and flowers.
Benefits of Jasmine for health:
Increase libido sex. Tea and jasmine oil is known as a natural aphrodisiac that is so strong that this herbal remedy recommended to increase libido, sexual strength, stimulates sexual drive, and maybe even treat infertility in both men and women.
Shortness of Breath. Boil 20 leaves of jasmine and salt to taste by using 3 cups of water until the remaining 2 cups. Once cool, the water is filtered decoction of leaves of jasmine. Drinking water twice a day every morning and afternoon.
Acne. Jasmine has antiseptic properties that can be recommended to treat all kinds of skin infections. Ways to use jasmine in this healing is to take 20 jasmine flowers then finely crushed and squeezed. Give 2 tablespoons lime juice. Rub on the face with acne.
Fever and Headache. If you or your family have had a fever, do not panic. Take a handful of leaves of jasmine flowers and jasmine 10, then knead by hand. Once wilted and slightly crushed, soaked in water. Water immersion is used to compress the forehead. This method can also be done to treat mild headache.
Stung by a bee or Other Insects. If you suddenly stung by a bee, take a handful of jasmine flowers, then knead until smooth. Paste jasmine crumpled to the body part bitten by insects or stung by a bee. Ways to use jasmine in this healing is to take 1 handful of jasmine flowers. Knead until smooth. Stick it on the bee sting.
Eye irritation heals. You never experience eye pain, such as red eye irritation. Actually, these conditions can be treated with jasmine leaf. Way, take a handful of leaves of jasmine, then finely crushed. Glue on the forehead above the eyes, if dry replace with new concoctions.
Stopping Excessive breast milk. Sometimes, there are lactating mothers who breastfed her out too much. Even when the baby is not feeding any breast milk stay out. This is certainly quite a hassle, but can be overcome with herbs jasmine. The trick, a handheld leaf finely crushed jasmine, then tacked on around the breasts. Do it every morning before showering.Launch an organ function. Jasmine tea is known as a natural tonic that can stimulate all the functions of the major body systems and organs.

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