Beauty Essentials Every Woman Needs

1.Shea butter
Shea butter is a fantastic product that can stand in for many other products in an emergency. It can be a moisturiser, lip balm, burn treatment, even a DIY lip gloss, so this is definitely a number one bathroom essential.
2.Baby wipes
Another great multi-purpose essential are baby wipes. They are designed for the sensitive skin of babies, so they are gentle enough for removing excess makeup form your skin, but they are strong enough to mop up spills too.
3.Olive oil and coconut oil
Pure and simple coconut oil and olive oil are your faithful beauty friends, and you probably have some in your kitchen, if you haven’t got any in the bathroom. A drop or two of olive oil or coconut oil in your bath will give you all over soft and moisturised skin; warm it up a little and use as a warm oil hair conditioning treatment or just smooth your frizzy hair with a light coat of the oil rubbed on your hands.
4.Nail clipper
When you haven’t got time for a manicure, a nail clipper will neaten up your nails in no time at all. It’s also the perfect tool for removing loosed threads from your clothes and quickly removing price tags and store labels too.
5.Shower gel
A good shower gel is not just for the shower. It equally serves as a hand wash, a bubble bath and, in real emergencies; it’s pretty good for removing small stains from clothes too.
We’re not suggesting for a moment that anyone reading this would go out without brushing their teeth, but let’s be honest; a quick swish with some mouthwash can do wonders when you’re in a rush or when you get unexpected visitors knocking on the door.
7.Talcum powder
Talcum powder is not only a way to get smooth and silky skin after a shower, it also doubles as a dry shampoo when you need one.
8.A bottle of wine, some scented candles and a good magazine
And last, but not least, for a relaxing soak in the bath, make sure that you have the essential ingredients of some scented candles, a bottle of good wine and an interesting magazine to read. Sit back and enjoy, it’s time for some ‘me time’.

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