Wearing The Correct Type Of Panty

Underwear or panty is one of the important parts of the basic lingerie any woman wears. Most girls start their daily regime by changing the pair of underwear. It is the backbone of a wardrobe, along with right fitted bras. Girls put equal consideration in selecting the panty, as much as they pay attention in choosing the correct bra.
Girls have a love/hate relationship with their underwear. The correct pair of underwear with a particular dress can you make you feel like the sexy hot goddess. Whereas, the wrong pair can even lead you to a wardrobe malfunction! Girls wear a variety of dresses and hence require different types of underwear for different occasions. You cannot just wear the black boy shorts with a sheer skirt or a thong under your flown floor length dress. So, what does a girl need to do? Let us help you with the basic of underwear and discuss how to wear them correctly with any dress.Girls spend long hours in crafting the perfect outfit for them, but not much of them spend time to find the bra or underwear with the chosen look. The choice of underwear can make or a break an outfit. Let us explore the wide world of panties and quickly do a crash-course in perfect underwear pairings.
Skater Skirts or Mini-Dresses
Office Wears
Loose Skirts or Dresses
Tight Fitting Dresses
Shaky or Delicate Bottoms
White Pants/Leggings
Sheer Dresses
Saree or Lehenga
1. Skater Skirts or Mini-Dresses
What to wear under tight dresses, no show underwear for tight fitting dresses
If you are planning to wear a mini-dress with thigh-high hemlines, always go with boy shorts! The fair cut of the panty covers more than what the traditional brief or thong covers. This will save you from the wardrobe malfunction induced by summer breeze.
2. Office Wears
Underwear with formal trouser
Go for a composite piece of underwear with office trousers or skirts. It could be a seamless, high-waist thong or French-cut panties. The shape-wear part of a high-waist thong remains perfectly tucked in. You are thus left with no fear of VPLs (Visible Panty Lines). French-cut panties, also known as high-cut panties also go well with office trousers as they secure you from the butt-cleavage wardrobe malfunction.
3. Loose Skirts or Dresses
Best underwear to wear under any type of skirt
Not too many girls like the granny panties and rather find it geek. It may be not the sexiest of the bunch, but obviously is a safe and comfortable choice to wear with loose cut silhouettes that may fly away from the body. It gives maximum coverage to the underneath parts of the body and raises your level of confidence.
4. Tight Fitting Dresses
Best underwear to wear short dresses modestly, Tight fitting dresses
One bold way to flaunt a body hugging dress is to go commando! Yes you got it right! It means no underwear at all. However, if you are shy to do that, you can look for a foundation undergarment matching with the length of your bottoms. For tight pants, you can try the formfitting boy shorts for a VPL proof look. Thongs actually are the best underwear for formfitting clothing like dresses or tight skirts, as it leaves no panty lines. Bikini underwear also provides a waistband below the natural waistline and is a great option for tight dresses.
5. Shaky or Delicate Bottoms
Perfect panty for Shaky or Delicate Bottoms
Put on the G-string underneath a shape-wear to get the best coverage for shaky bottoms. The “barely-there underwear” along with the shape-wear will provide a secured feeling. You do not have to adjust your undies again and again that may come with ordinary slips. Wear a G-string for your next hot date. The “no rear-coverage” look of the panty is surely going to make you lucky with your date.
6. White Pants/Leggings
What color underwear to wear under white pant or leggings
Nude underwear is the best bet for underwear under white pants. Select underwear that is close to your skin tone. You can also try nude thongs to avoid the squeezed look caused by singular thin strap. In case you do not have flesh-colored underwear in your wardrobe, you can wear light grey underwear with white pants. Grey hipsters or hip-huggers can form a comfortable undergarment to white shorts.
7. Sheer Dresses
Underwear with blue sheer dress
If you planning to wear a sheer dress for your next appearance and are troubled of the thought of going commando, you probably yet not know about the seamless range of undergarments, specially for sheer dresses. Look for seamless underwear made without elastic. These pieces create excellent illusion of smooth lines as you sport silhouettes with risky cuts on these.
8. Saree or Lehenga
Right type of underwear for saree and lehenga
This tip is for girls who wear traditional Indian sarees. Many young women in India wear saree on a regular basis. The best undergarment for saree is probably the regular briefs. It gives a proper shape below the underskirt or the petticoat. The bottom hence looks more firm. This applies for lehenga as well, though such dresses are occasionally worn by girls.
There are multiple styles of women’s underwear for all range of occasions. Going forward whenever you plan to buy new underwear, take the correct measurements and get yourself the right sized underwear for the best comfort. You basically have to know the correct hip and waist measurement of your body to decide the underwear sizing.
Girls, do not forget to be extra careful about your undergarments in those days of the month. It’s wiser to carry an extra pair of underwear with you, in case you need to change it in the middle of the day.

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