Boost Your Libido

Is your sex drive lacking a bit of oomph? Then we've got tips to boost your libido and get your love life back on track. A regular sex life not only gives you a good workout, but it also helps to fight depression, reduces blood pressure and can improve your immune system. 
Get some exercise
We all know that regular exercise will increase your fitness, but just 15-20 minutes a day should start to get the blood pumping and improve flow around your body and make you feel a bit more horny. 
Eat nuts and seeds
Pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, almonds and  have high levels of something called arginine, an amino acid that helps increase the levels of blood in the genitals. Experts call them the natural Viagra and they should give your libido a major boost..
Eat chocolate
Sadly, we're not suggesting a normal bar of chocolate. If you're going to eat chocolate to boost your libido, then it has to be good-quality chocolate that's high in cocoa solid (60-70%), like Green & Black's. This sort of chocolate contains something called phenethylamine, which is the chemical that we produce in our brains when we fall in love. 
Ban sex
In the same way that telling a child not to touch something will draw them to it like a magnet, deliberately taking sex off the menu relieves the pressure of having to do it and often kick-starts the libido. 
Have a romantic meal
It may sound cheesy, but get out some candles and a bottle of wine and enjoy a romantic dinner together. Simply by spending time together will strengthen the bond between you. Holding hands also helps to boost sexual thoughts in your brain and up your sex drive.
Blindfold yourself
By removing one of your senses, you naturally heighten your others. Not only does a blindfold add some mystery to your bedroom activities, but it also makes you concentrate more by listening to your partner and feeling what he's doing. 
Be happy
Depression is responsible for 3 in 10 cases of low libido, so improving your symptoms could well have a positive impact on it. In addition, stress will cause you libido problems, because it takes your mind away from what's winding you up and onto other things. Even something as simple as having a bath can help you switch off and hopefully switch you on.
Stop smoking
Along with many of its other evils, smoking also slows down blood flow around the body. Basically, it narrows the blood vessels, especially those in your genital region. On top of that, it gives you bad breath and lowers your energy levels. 

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