Three Surprising Benefits Of Soursop Leaves And Fruit For Skin Beauty

Having white, clean, smooth and healthy would be a dream of every woman. And to get not only the skin clean, smooth and healthy but also beautiful, not a few women a lot of money to do the treatment at the salon.However, for those of you who want to do at home skin care with natural ingredients, you can take advantage of the fruit around you. And one of the fruits that are good for skin beauty is soursop.
1. Disguise Acne
One of the most common skin problem is acne. And to heal and fade acne on the skin, you can do natural treatments using soursop leaves. Quite easy, prepare a 5 to 7 soursop leaves and wash them clean. The soursop leaf puree and mix with olive oil or rose water. Use this mixture to the mask. In addition to acne, this mask is also useful to address blackheads. 
2. Against Aging
The content of nutrients such as vitamin C, ascorbic acid and antioxidants and high in fruit soursop leaves very believable to overcome aging. Consumption of soursop fruit regularly every other day or wear a mask soursop leaves twice a week is said to be able to help you have a youthful skin and avoid premature aging. 
3. Treating Skin Diseases
Study says that the soursop leaves and fruit are very good for skin problems. Skin problems can be due to fungal skin diseases, skin is damaged by scratches sharp objects or other problems such as ulcers and smallpox. In order to recover from the pain of skin, prepare fresh soursop leaves and apply on your skin problems. Paste and wait until the leaves wilt. Do this every day so that your skin problem is resolved. Do not forget to consume soursop directly or by way of juice. 
Ladies, that's some of the benefits of soursop leaves and fruit for skin beauty. Besides beneficial for skin beauty, soursop also believed very good for hair beauty. So, wait no more, start loving soursop and feel the beauty and health benefits for you.

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