Six Foods That Keep You Young

Who would want to always look young guns despite growing age, surely everyone crave it, like the Alphaville song "Forever Young" music group from Germany who told me about the fear of old age and the coming of death, and then imagining, composing songs forever young. Some technologies are created to be able to find a formula in order to keep the disease of old, or at minimum provide longer life span, if you can not live 1000 years ala Anwar, 100 years are allowed, but it was something excessive and impossible, because the human body is designed to withstand only 120 years old.
But some scientists argue, science will someday allow humans to live well beyond the age limit expectations. The following natural foods from fruits and vegetables that allegedly can slow aging, but still maintain the quality of the body remains fresh and fit, it is relatively easy and inexpensive to obtain. Among them.
Cucumbers: Cucumbers have been used for beauty treatments since thousands of years ago. The fact of history that Cleopatra was very fond of cucumber as material to maintain the beauty. The combination of amino acids, water and vitamin C make the cucumber is suitable for facilities maintain the youthfulness of skin, preventing aging and eliminate acne. Then combined elements of folic acid, phosphorus and vitamin C can eliminate wrinkles and tension due to stress. The best way to slow aging utilize cucumber to be consumed as fresh vegetables or used as a mask.
Watermelon: Watermelon is rich in lycopene, which is the pigment in fruits and vegetables belonging to the karetonoid. Karetonoid acts as an antioxidant that works to scavenge free radicals in the body. Free radicals can make rapid aging process occurs, skin dries and flexibility is reduced, resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles. Lycopene in watermelon able to fight free radicals and refresh the skin cells are damaged.
Tomato: Red tomatoes highly recommended as the food every day. Why? because lycopene is very high. If you want to look youthful always, do not hesitate eating tomatoes. DAPT in juice or disayur, or fruit can be eaten directly.
Carrot: This fruit because it contains provitamin A (beta-carotene) is quite high. In the body, beta-carotene is transformed into good antioxidants prevent the formation of free radicals. In hatu organ, the compound is converted into vitamin A in healthy eyes, so if you eat woretl besides young, can make the eyes become clear.
Potato: This vegetable contains substances very helpful yabf namely alpha-lipoic-acid. In addition to good heart health, these compounds are able to maintain youthful skin. Research at Yale University Medical Center proves alpha lipoic acid can eliminate fine lines dab of wrinkles that appear on the skin due to aging. Besides being able to eat, potato can be used as a mask to beautify the skin in order to appear youthful radiance.
Seaweed: When asked which country in the world whose citizens have the most old age, so many people choose the answer to the citizens of Japan. Based on records, the Japanese people are known as people who have the longest lifespan in comparison to any country around the world. The average age of the inhabitants of the rising sun reaches 76 years, so far with Indonesia which has an average of 55 years.Why do the citizens of Japan have an average lifespan along it, whereas residents are very crazy japanese job and have a high level of stress. the facts prove it turns out people's cherry country likes to consume various processed from seaweed. That is why the Japanese women at least with breast cancer, only 10% (the smallest number in the world). The high efficacy of seaweed as it contains iodine (12), zinc (zn), and selenium (se). As is known to consume enough iodine-containing materials can stimulate the brain to create a smart and intelligent. While iodine deficiency will result in the level of intelligence (IQ) someone had fallen sharply. That's why Japanese children have higher IQ levels. that when the body is deprived of zinc and selenium, can result in the body susceptible to cancer, a disease that makes human life quickly ended.
Garlic: There is an ancient proverb that says "If your age is already 50 years old and eating garlic submarine 50 years, then you will live 50 years longer." Garlic as illustrated earlier is not a mere myth, garlic is known to have a million properties since 300 years ago. Because so many properties of garlic to cure, to the extent dubbed "long food Age". Even the horror movies, garlic is used as a repellent vampire, vampire or other predatory animals.
If you want to always live long and look young forever, maybe that's a very excessive. But if you want to look young by trying to block the cells causes aging period, this is more rational, if so consume the above materials in order to appear younger healthier too dazzling. 

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