Nine Ways To Take Care Of Dry Lips And Tableware

How to cope with dry lips and chapped. All parts of the body and face so you must keep the health and beauty. Especially if part of your face to be problematic then immediately to resolve them quickly. One part of the face is very often problematic is the lips. If you are having problems with lips like chapped lips and dry also some natural ways can give you a solution to it. If you include people who have chapped lips and dry then you must be diligent care before it gets worse and cause irritation to your lips. Because if you leave it too long as it will not make you look attractive again. 
How to take care of dry lips and chapped
Below are some of the ways the treatment of dry lips and chapped which can be treated and can be more humid than usual. 
1. Butter or coconut oil: Butter and coconut oil is a good alternative for chapped lips and dry. Besides being very easy to obtain because each house must, he is also a good fatty acids restore moisture of your lips.
2. Tomatoes: Lips chapped and dry usually happens if you are deficient in vitamin C. If it happens tomato is one of the fruits that will definitely be very useful because it contains a lot of vitamin content including vitamin C. You can slice a tomato and rub it on your lips. If the need you can also give the honeycomb. 
3. Honey: As written above honey also can give a good effect in the treatment of dry lips and chapped. Honey you can use to apply and massaging your lips. Honey is also sure to be very good in restoring the moisture of your lips. 
4. Lemon and honey: Lemon that you mix with honey is believed to remove dead skin cells. So if this mixture on your lips it will be very well remove dead skin cells that exist on dry lips.
5. Slices of cucumber: Similarly, tomato cucumber also contains a lot of vitamin C. In addition, the cucumber contains a lot of water that can be obtaining hydrates your lips dry. 
6. Extract Aloe vera: In addition to nourish hair Aloe vera can also be used as an extract in the treatment for bibur cracked and dry. Aloe vera is good to use as a lip moisturizer before you go to bed. 
7. Avoid the Use of Chemicals that Deplete Lips: Avoid using chemicals that had the lipstick. Lipstick containing chemicals give effect to the lips were dry and cracked. You should avoid to always use lipstick. 
8. Drink plenty of water: Dehydration is one of the causes behind dry lips and chapped. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep skin moist. 
9. Avoid Licking Lips: Many have assumed if often licking the lips will make the lips moist. Licking the lips to moisturize dry lips is not a good solution, otherwise the lips will become dry and chapped make the condition worse. To that end, do occasionally think to lick dry lips, the surface will be moist.

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