Five Ways To Overcome Oily Natural

How to cope with naturally oily face: if you have an oily face? Before knowing the way let's review a little about the cause. At first the main cause of an oily face is because the sebaceous glands produce excess oil so that eventually make your face seem always oily and may damage your appearance, but there are also other factors. So the discussion here does not refer to the causative factor, but on how to solve the tentuya using natural ingredients. 
How To Overcome Oily: Believe it or not, that the natural ingredients and daily habits were able to restore facial skin you be refreshed, clean and certainly make you look more confident. Direct consider just 5 ways to overcome excessive oil on the face of the following: 
Clean your face regularly: Cleaning routines and face the most important thing to do. In essence not only cleanse your face but also your whole body regularly. At least you could do it three times a day. Besides, specially for cleaning the face, you can use warm water to facilitate the circulation of blood to the skin and also be effective natural therapy to remove oily face.
Banana, Honey and Milk: The third fruit is good to give effect to refresh the skin and overcome the oily face. The trick Who are milk and honey to taste, then mash 1 small banana into it then puree all ingredients. Once finished, apply or use as a face mask and leave for 30 minutes first and the last stage is rinse with warm water followed by cold water. You can do it 2-3 times a week routine. This mask can also be useful to whiten the face .
Cucumbers: How to cope with naturally oily hereinafter that with cucumber. The fruit is quite effective for skin care because it contains vitamin needed by your skin. The trick is 1 cucumber blender until smooth, then apply to the area around your face and let sit for a while up to 30 minutes in length. After that wash your face with clean water. Quite simple and practical is not it?
Celery leaves: The leaves are also useful for skin health can also cope with a greasy face. The trick Prepare a boiling water just enough, then enter celery leaves that have been cut into small pieces, waiting to be half of the water. After the water is cold, the material used to wash your face, wait until it dries and proceed by rinsing use water.
Avoid Stress: Sometimes stress can be a major problem in certain people, maybe including you. Good when you have an oily face, avoid stress as much as possible. With you reduce stress levels then it can minimize to trigger the sebaceous glands to produce excess oil.

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