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A true tight hug makes you feel out of the world, especially when you are been hugged by your soulmate. Hugging is the feminine way of showing affection however every man of this 21st century knows how to do it perfectly. I don’t know about you guys, how you feel about being hugged or hugging your love or your opinion about a perfect hug. But, let me tell you a hug can be perfect and intense only when you feel it from your heart and soul for the one, you are in love with deeply. An intense hug has a magical power to make you forget about everything else in this world except the one you are hugging.
However, many people have minimal idea or even no idea about a perfect hug. Yeah, I know you do hug your love and spouse, but there are lot more to know about perfect and intense hugs which not only can give you a magical, intimate and content pleasure but also can improve your love life. So, let’s start with the best ways and techniques to hug your soulmate!!
Frontal Hugs
Most romantic hugs needs your torsos, chests and stomachs in touch. For a guy, whose hands should be around the waist of women and women can put her arms around her partner’s neck or shoulder, and heads leaned towards each other with intense eye contact. This makes a hug more romantic, warm and intimate.
Frontal Intimate Hugs
Leaning your head on or against your partner is a sign of intimacy. Move your head to the side like you lean in and for making it extra romantic nuzzle your head or your face into the neck or chest of your partner.
Back Hugs
If you love hugging your partner from their back, to give them a romantic surprise, then make sure before hugging that your partner is not into something more important job. Women like back hugs when men place their hands on their stomach or on chest. Men like it from back when women grab them from their chest and leaning their head on to men’s back.
Let Go Slowly
After hugging your partner when you pull away, remember go slow and keep your hands on them be it on waist or on chest, which gives the feeling of being still in touch after you hug. This can be a good time for sweet kisses or smiles and eye communication. But try not to leave your partner instantly after you hug as it can confuse your partner. And that’s not romantic at all.
Use Hands For Caress
A little intimate caressing while you hug do wonders for your love life and sexual life too. Caressing is totally natural and lovely romantic touch that everyone loves. However, it’s different for men and women. Women like caressing when men touch their back intensely, slightly squeezing, or touching neck and lips. Men love it, when women slowly move their hands, stroking their hair all gently while hugging, as it warms up your partner.
Hugging Intensions
Let your partner, know about your intension before you hug them. Let them know by your gestures or eye contact that you are going to hug them, or else you might end up jumping on them to hug and confusing them that you are looking for their undies.
Hug When You Mean It
Hugging someone without any feelings is totally useless. The real pleasure of hugging your love comes when you actually want it or mean it from your heart and hug with full feeling being romantic. A hug can go creepy, when you feel that your partner is totally disconnected and you still don’t let him/her go.
Be Vulnerable Before You Hug
Hugging is naturally a vulnerable act. Before you hug, open your arms, let you chest out and invite the person all romantically. It all depends on your gesture, how you making your partner comfortable about hugging, and if you do it perfectly your partner will be craving to hug you every day.
Squeeze, But Don’t Suffocate
A real hug is an embrace or an encircling loving act, in which you make your partner feel safe and secured. Some people find it hot and intense about squeezing their partners while hugging, which is a good move but do remember let them breathe too, don’t suffocate your partner.So, next time when you hug your partner or love try to implicate these sure tricks which will make your love more intense and romantic. And remember, squeeze but don’t suffocate.

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