What Type Of Buttock You

Round Buttock
These butts go by many names, from “Cherry-Shaped” to the “Bubble Buttock”. This shape is evenly wide around in all directions appears and so appears round. The waist-to-hip ratio of this shape is equal and has a very full appearance. Round butts can be easier to shape than other shapes but can occasionally become disproportionate, to the effect of looking bottom-heavy. Lifting a round buttock up is the key to putting proportion back in the figure.
Heart Shaped Buttock
Most consider the heart-shaped buttock, also called the “A-Shaped” and the “Oval Booty”, to be the most attractive shaped bottoms. This butt has a smaller top and flared large bottom by the thighs. Women with this buttock shape have a smaller waistline wherein the body increases in volume going downwards. The Heart-Shaped Butt is easier to enhance than its buttock category colleagues. However, there is generally not a lot of fat that is available to create a bigger shape and so the expansion is bit difficult. However, if excess fat is available, they can be made more prominent.
Inverted V Shaped Buttock
The waist is smaller than the hips. This shape has fullness at the hips and top of the buttock, but narrows in size and shape towards the bottom of the, er, bottom. The buttock is much bigger than the waist. This unfortunately (or fortunately, whatever you’re into) projects the appearance that the buttock is heavier than it is. The shape of the smaller waist in comparison to the larger buttock creates the appearance of a V.
Square Shaped Buttock
Square buttocks are equal in size from waist to hips. Often called “masculine-looking”, the square shape creates a flat appearance. These body types contain low amounts of fat at the waist. It is often very difficult to reshape them and requires surgery in order to reshape them.

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