Top Ten Lip Shapes

Guys have a different way of looking at women especially if they’ve developed a certain kind of interest in them. Of all the things that men notice, they find that lip shapes are perhaps one of the most interesting physical attributes of a woman. For one, guys love to kiss girls and whenever they get all these thoughts of pleasure about a woman, they tend to imagine their most beautiful asset, lips included for sure. So if you want to know whether or not the shape of your lips is something that guys would die for, simply read on the article and you might be surprised of the information you will get.
1. Roller Coaster
Roller Coaster lips are equally exciting because they make you feel suspenseful. These types of lips are well-defined in all of their edges and look totally different because they look as if they are manipulated by science when in fact they’re absolutely natural.
2. Duck Bills
Duck bills are types of lips that look exactly like those of ducks. They are considered sexy among men especially if you know how to take good care of them and use the right kinds of make-up to highlight their feature.
3.Downward-Turned Lips
Downward-turned lips are also perfect especially if Natalie Portman is one of your favorite actresses. These kinds of lips are stunning especially in the eyes of men because they tend to look very private and appealing at the same time. With this formation of the lip, it seems that a woman is private because her lips are oftentimes closed and it seems like she can keep a secret. Guys find this exciting because secrets turn then on.
4. Bow-Shaped Lips
When it comes to bow-shaped lips, think of Reese Witherspoon who is absolutely sexy with any type of lipstick she wears. Bow-shaped lips look stunning because they have a very independent feel to them. Guys are easily turned on by these kinds of lips because it seems that a lot of people find independent women truly wonderful, reliable and easy to fall in love with. Not to mention, independent women are not really insecure about things.
5. Heavy Lower Lip
If it is your lower lip that’s heavier than your upper lip then you would also look like you’re pouting all the time. The difference is that with this kind of lip you would like you’re pitiful and soft compared to its opposite. But the same rule applies if you wish to make your lips standout. Instead of putting too much lipstick and gloss on your lower lip, make sure to put more highlights on your upper lip so that it will stand out as well.
6. Heavy Upper Lip
Lip shapes may also not be equally-sized for both upper and lower. If your lips are heavier on the upper part then it will seem like you have a pout plastered on your face at all times. This kind of lip is also nice but might require a little bit more work because uneven shapes may not exactly be exciting for men unless you do something about them. If you have a heavy upper lip, try lessening your lipstick and gloss on this area and focus on your lower lip so that it too can stand out.
7. Thin Lips
Thin lips are absolutely perfect! In fact, a lot of women with wider, thicker lips wish they have thin lips instead. Thin lips are stunning because even without putting on too much lipstick, they look sexy as it is. Thin lips also look very delicate so when guys kiss you, it becomes passionate more than aggressive. Thin lips are also nice because when you try to pout, it wouldn’t seem like you’re exerting too much effort for nothing. Think of Gwyneth Paltrow for this kind of lip and you will understand just how gorgeous it is.
8. Round Lips
Round lips are cute more than anything. They many not exactly look as sexy as the full lips but if your lips are round, guys immediately know you can do wonders for them. Think Drew Barrymore when it comes to these lips and you will understand what we’re talking about. Round lips also look very flirty especially when they are open at least half an inch so if you have round lips, make sure to open them a little every now and then especially when you’re taking pictures.
9. Wide Lips
There’s a huge difference between full lips and wide lips. If Angelina Jolie has the former, think Anne Hathaway for the latter. Anne Hathaway’s lips may not be perky or pouty but it’s full in the sense that it is defined and shaped by her entire mouth. So when Hathaway smiles, it is very easy to notice that her lips are wider than most people. What’s good about this kind of lips? Well, they are absolutely kissable. Not to mention, they can be crafted in such a way to make them look less wide through the kind of lipstick shades you wish to use. Nonetheless, guys go gaga over this type too!
10. Full Lips
When it comes to full lips, the best description you have is Angelina Jolie. Many years ago, people with full lips don’t look sexy until Angelina Jolie came out into the public, strutting the most defined and most voluptuous lips one can ever find. Full lips are sexy especially when they pout and guys immediately go crazy over them. If you are a woman with full lips, then make sure to accentuate it further by putting on additional lipstick and gloss that makes it standout. If you think that your lips are full, look into the mirror to see if they are the kind of full lips that are symmetrical and well defined, if they are then you can be certain that guys will line up to kiss you.

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