Belly Dance Your Way To Shapelier Hips

If the thought of doing another series of squats are enough to bring tears to your eyes, maybe it’s time to try something else to improve the shape and size of your derriere.
Lucky for you, there are quite a few that doesn’t involve cramped gyms and sweaty exercise machines. When we think of dancing, it’s rarely considered a real workout because, well it’s fun. It’s easy to lose yourself to the music and move your body with wild abandon, and it seems like such a bonus that it can torch a whopping 460 calories an hour.
Because of this, dancing is fast becoming the failsafe strategy of women who are looking to get their derrieres in shape, the fun way. Below we list down three of the best moves to shake your way into your best shape.Just one look at Indian women draped in colorful saris accentuating their hourglass shape should be enough to convince you that belly dancing is a great form of exercise to enhance your curves.
The dance itself is a series of shimmies, hip rolls and figure 8 motions that count as a low impact cardio exercise that can burn as much as 300 calories per hour. Since the dance usually involves isolating movement to a specific part of your body, you have more control on how you want to shape specific areas of your body.
With the consistent hip movements, and the requirement for the buttock to shake rapidly in different directions, this workout can do wonders in toning a less than perky buttock and enhancing shapely hips. Couple the dance movements with the prerequisite hip isolations and glute squeezes, and it can easily rival a killer workout session at the gym.
Continuous belly dancing strengthens hip, quadriceps, glutes, and back muscles the most. It does wonders in improving your posture which can make your buttock stick out more. It also works to shrink the waistline, which would make your buttock and hips appear a lot more defined.
The best part about belly dancing is that it’s safe for everyone, young and old alike, the movements don’t put too much strain on specific body parts, and the low impact movement makes it a relaxing exercise even for those who are already suffering joint pain.

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