Buttocks Growth Hormones

Hormones play an important role in the development of our body parts. A right hormonal balance in the body helps an individual get a healthy and well developed physical structure. The right hormones will answer the question of how to get a bigger buttocks right after you step into your years of puberty. There are a few hormones that not just help in better buttocks growth, but lead to better breast development in females as well. They help a person mature sexually over a certain time period.
Vital hormones that help in buttocks growth
Progesterone:Progesterone, along with estrogen helps in enhancing the physical aspects of a female’s body. The level of progesterone is the highest during the luteal phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Unlike estrogen, progesterone provides a woman’s body with the right curves. It helps keep the fat from the waist region at bay, thus providing the right shape above the buttocks region.
Estrogen:One of the most vital sex hormone in the body of a woman, estrogen develops the necessary female features right from the years of puberty. It helps maintaining an increased amount of fat in the hips as well as buttocks regions, given them an appropriate shape and size. Estrogen is basically a combination of estriol, estradiol and estrone. These together, as a group, from the hormone. The female gonads are responsible in secreting this hormone in sufficient quantities.
Testosterone:Though categorized as a male hormone, the female body also produces testosterone in small quantities. They help in maintaining a healthy sex drive and strengthening the muscles of the body. On the other hand the presence of an excess amount of testosterone within a woman’s body can block the development of the buttocks along with improper breast growth.
Growth Hormone:Secreted by the pituitary glands in the body, this is one of the most important hormones when it comes to booty growth. This is because it stimulates the formation of new cells, cartilage, tissue as well as the bone. With advancing age the amount of growth hormone secreted by the body reduces to a great extent. But exercise and proper sleep can help raise the levels to a certain extent. Make sure that you have a proper amount of amino acid intake within the body to maintain the level of growth hormone secretion within the body of a person.
Prolactin:Though the hormone receives a greater amount of priority in case of breast growth, it does help in aiding the buttocks growth as well. It is due this that you get to feel the required amount of fullness in the buttocks region.
The development of female bum is highly dependent on the right amount of hormonal secretion in the body. A hormonal imbalance can lead to underdevelopment. There are a number of medicinal alternatives for people who do not have the proper levels of hormones in their body. You can always seek help from a doctor in case you find any problems related to the same at any point of time.

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