Lucky Bamboo Plant And Benefits

Is it an Original Bamboo?
Lucky Bamboo Plant is not a bamboo. It is a fantasy- marketed houseplant and its real name is Dracaena Sanderiana. This plant has a common name bamboo as it has the similar appearance with the stalks. 
Background of Lucky Bamboo
West Africa is the native country of this lucky bamboo. Since ages, it is used as a powerful tool to attract prosperity, abundance, and better health. This plant can grow up to 5 ft in height. However, as a houseplant, its normal height is approximately 2-3 ft. The most interesting cultivars of this bamboo plant are twisted stalk types that need the training to grow. 
Why it is called a Lucky Bamboo
This is called a lucky plant according to the Chinese practise Feng Shui. This plant is believed to bring good destiny into a home or workplace.
The two reasons that make this bamboo plant 'lucky' are 
1.The hollow structure of the bamboo helps to move the Chi energy (positive energy) that in turn generates prosperity.
2.As it is hollow from inside, it lets the energy flow from within to the outside world. This helps to calm and better focus. 
Lucky Bamboo and Significance
As per Feng Shui, multiple numbers of stalks in a bamboo plant makes it lucky in different ways! 
1.Stalk- A single log plant signifies growth. This is popular among business people.
2.Stalks- It is believed to double the luck and is associated with love.
3.Stalks- It signifies long life, happiness, and prosperity. It is the most popular as a lucky plant.
4.Stalks- It represents death wish. Therefore, it looks offensive and rarely used. 
5.Stalks- It enriches the 5 important areas of life. They are spiritual, physical, mental, intuition and emotions. It is majorly used for homes to wish a healthy body, fit mind, and career. 
6.Stalks- It is believed to attract prosperity, luck and golden opportunities to achieve money and wealth. 

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